The Podcast Series It’s Never Too Late: The Interview

The title of this podcast series It’s Never Too Late is very timely

It’s never too late to start doing what you love. I was 31 years old when I started doing one of my passion, writing. Now, guess what.. I am earning money from it!

I am a full-time mom. Before I get pregnant, I was working as a call center agent. I don’t like the job, I guess what just made me stay before was the fun of having many friends at the office. But when it comes to what I love to have as my job, I want to have my own clothing line. However I know that it requires a huge amount of capital, so maybe I’ll just save that dream for the future. Therefore, I just think of another thing that I love to do most, that is profitable at the moment with no much capital needed. And there! I thought I can pursue writing!

 But the thing is, I only have the passion for it but have no formal lesson or training. And so, I made some self-study. I enrolled in all the free online courses that I can see. Watched and read articles and blogs about it. It’s then that I realized that you don’t need to have money to learn. There are lots of ways to gain knowledge, you just need to be resourceful.

Now I can say that I’m doing good in my job as a freelancer. But aside from being a content writer, I am also into blogging. At the moment I am focusing on my niche which is Women Empowerment because I love the idea of women supporting and uplifting other women.

My journey as a writer is such a dream come true to me. It’s like I am writing my heart out. And then one day, I received an invite from Megha Upadhyaya to be a guest in a Podcast series.

Megha is a New Delhi based published author and writer. She’s also the host and producer of It’s Never Too Late, a podcast series interviewing authors of all genres. 

It’s such a great experience to be interviewed by different authors and writers in different parts of the world. Just like this interview, creating it brings a new path for me. Now I can share my knowledge and work not just through writing but also through other platforms like Podcast and Spotify. Truly that there’s a lot of things that we can still learn and enhance. Maybe a new potential or career that is just waiting for us to discover. Don’t get stranded on the same page. Life is like a book that you need to turn for you to learn and gain more knowledge and experience. 

Let us know your thoughts about this Blog and Interview! Check this out!

If you want to know more or maybe want to be a guest in the future on Megha’s Series, you can check her out here!

Twitter: Young_blackbird

Instagram:  callme.meg

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